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Teaching Choice Making to Special Needs Children

Choice Making is an intervention strategy used to enable special needs children to feel empowered when they manipulate their environment through their decisions. For children with certain disabilities, more help may be need so that they make informed choices. Especially, since some children may require assistance to perform daily activities, choice making can help them determine when they need support and when they would prefer to be self-dependent while doing an activity.

Benefits of Choice Making

According to studies, choice making can make a huge difference in the daily lives of people with disabilities. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Increased Quality of Life
  2. Improved Social Interactions
  3. Improved Spontaneous Speech Production
  4. Enhanced Communication Skills
  5. Improved Performance
  6. Better Self-Esteem
  7. Increased Self-determination

How to Develop Choice Making

Although it may sound like a simple enough skill, all stakeholders in a child’s life may have to support special needs children so that they understand the choices they have. As always, early intervention helps but it’s never too late to empower people with choices. Parents and professionals must make sure that children get enough exposure to choice-making opportunities so that they can comprehend the consequences of the choices they make. This also helps them to assess people and build trust in others who may have to make decisions for them later in life.

Using Picture Boards

Children with complex communication needs




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