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Memory Game with AAC

Memory AAC GameThis game that puts our memory to test can be played with things that lie around the house. This can be exciting game to play for both kids and adults. 

How to play: 

Keep a few items covered on a tray such as ball, pen, ruler, book, etc. Reveal the items for a few minutes so that all players can take a look at them. Cover the tray again with a cloth. All players write down the list of items from their memory. The player who gets the most number of items right wins🏆. The number of items and the time given to memorize them can be increased as the players get more adept at this.

For beginning AAC communicators, you can create a memory game folder and add the names of all the items on the tray. The trick is to mix it up with items that are not on the tray. (This is pretty easy with Avaz AAC because you can add multiple words at one go). They then tap on the items they remember from the tray.

For more advanced AAC users you can have them navigate the app and tap out the names of items they remember!

Multiple words in Avaz AAC

Memory GAme with AAC








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