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Every Child Can Read and Write : AAC and Literacy

  • Team Avaz 
  • 1 min read

We believe, as a matter of faith, that one of the end-points of AAC(Augmentative and Alternative Communication) is the development of literacy, i.e. the ability for a non-verbal child to read and write.

Well-designed AAC is more than an assistive technology — it is also an educational technology. In other words, AAC can (and should) provide a way for a child to transition from being a picture-user to being a text-user.

Some parents, and even a few therapists, sometimes question the assumption that a non-verbal child is capable of literacy. We take inspiration from David Yoder’s quote — “no child is too anything to be able to read and write”. Both systematic research as well as anecdotal evidence has shown that even children with very high levels of disability can be taught literacy.

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