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Avaz Inc: Moving Towards an  Integrated Vision of Assistive Technology

Avaz began its journey in 2009 with the Avaz AAC system, a hardware-based AAC solution. Since then, Avaz AAC has grown from strength to strength, thanks to valuable inputs from users and experts across the globe. Today Avaz AAC powers the communication of over 60,000 users in 15 languages, worldwide.

Our priority has always been to empower people with disabilities and enable a level playing field for all while holistically building capacities in the support ecosystems around them. Our constant endeavours in this direction led to the creation of Avaz Communication Adventures (2015) a game app to train AAC communication partners with communication strategies; Avaz FreeSpeech (2016), a language and grammar learning app and MDA Avaz Reader (2019), an app that enables independent reading. The addition of these products to our portfolio significantly bolstered the company’s standing as an AT powerhouse providing diverse solutions.  As we continue to expand our horizons, we are consolidating the Avaz brand in line with our larger vision – one that reflects the company’s evolution in the field of assistive technology while reaffirming our commitment to inclusion.

We are thrilled to announce that henceforth our company will be called Avaz Inc. 

Avaz Inc will be the parent brand of three world-class assistive technology products – Avaz AAC, MDA Avaz Reader, and Avaz FreeSpeech.

The Avaz Inc. Logo 

We are proud to unveil the new Avaz Inc. logo to accompany brand consolidation. The logo symbolizes all that we stand for as a company. 

Avaz Inc. Logo

We believe that inclusion and empowerment involve the fulfillment of several components and processes. True inclusion cannot be achieved without laying the groundwork for the same in all spheres of life. The Avaz Inc. logo is a confluence of all the elements that are essential to the achievement of inclusion and empowerment.

Here is a breakdown of the logo and  what each element represents:

What this Change Means for Us

Avaz Inc. believes in the power of technological innovation to achieve inclusion and empowerment. All our efforts focus on removing socially imposed barriers to enable people with disabilities to realize their potential. 

Our company’s vision is to create an inclusive society through technology innovation. Our new tagline succinctly captures the essence of the company vision.

Innovation. Inclusion. Empowerment.

The new tagline is a call to action. A constant reminder of why we do the things we do. One that pushes us to work harder towards our goals. This encapsulation is at the heart of this brand integration exercise.

This effort provides a clear definition of who we are and what we do. It provides a common direction for the company. It allows us to bring together our diverse efforts towards our stated goals under a unified umbrella. Avaz Inc becomes the common thread running through all our products, infusing our shared values and vision into everything we create and do. It enables us to do more of what we do best, with greater impact. 

What this Integration Means for you

As Avaz Inc. forges ahead with this rebranding, one thing remains unchanged. It is our commitment to our users and stakeholders. As always we will continue to work towards creating world-class, holistic,  technology solutions for people with disabilities. All our endeavours will be focussed on developing products that make the world a better place for everyone.

For Avaz Inc., our users come first, always. It is your constant love and support that has encouraged us to venture into new territories in assistive technology. The years spent on research on these new technologies has armed us with a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by people with disabilities. It has endowed us with greater empathy and a renewed determination to create better solutions.

The integrated vision and voice of Avaz Inc. will not change anything about Avaz AAC, Avaz FreeSpeech and MDA Avaz Reader – the products that you have grown to know and love. If anything, this move enables us to keep working to make your beloved apps even better!

The Avaz Inc. team will continue to put our hearts and souls into fine tuning our existing products. We are coming up with several updates and improved solutions because you deserve nothing but the best. Collaborations with governments and other stakeholders are in the pipeline to ensure that no individual is left without access to the resources they need. All of us here at Avaz Inc. look forward to working with you to bring about access, inclusion, empowerment & equality.




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