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Thank you for choosing Avaz! 

Avaz AAC has been built to support non-verbal individuals with across a variety of conditions that may result in speech disabilities. It is a picture and text-based communication product that enables the expression of their needs, thoughts, and ideas. Avaz facilitates access to education while actively promoting social inclusion. Today, Avaz is being used by thousands of children across the globe – in India, USA, Sri Lanka, France, and Sweden, amongst a host of other countries. 

With Avaz, you can empower your child (or student) to express themselves, to develop language and enable them to find their OWN voice. We are excited to welcome you into the Avaz family and cannot wait to help you get started with the app! Over the next couple of weeks (and emails) we will take you through the basics of Avaz. With the tried and tested tips, strategies, and techniques that we share, you can get the most out of your Avaz App. 

Our Support Team is incredibly responsive and always happy to help! For any kind of assistance, please write to us on To keep receiving emails from us, please add us to your address book. Thank you, once again, for choosing Avaz to be your companion on your Communication Journey!