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Personalizing Avaz – Your Child’s OWN Voice

You’ve probably noticed that Avaz has a pretty exhaustive vocabulary. But it may not have some of the most important words from your child’s life. Specifically, words that are relevant to their day to day life and personality. These could be their favorite foods, the names of their friends and family, their favorite toys and games and so on. One of the best things about Avaz is that it is incredibly easy to personalize! Personalization is an effective step towards increasing your child’s range of expressions. It stimulates their desire to communicate. It is interesting to note that parents and caregivers who have personalized the app have had greater success in their communication journeys.

You can personalize the Avaz App over a period of time. In fact, with frequent use, you will find more words to add that would make your Avaz app better personalized. 

Using the same set of steps, do try personalizing the category you created by adding more names and photos of family members photos of the people in your child’s life. Reach out to our Support Team if you want any clarifications on this! 

Next, read a blog post by Mrs. Chitra. She is a mother and a special educator. She has personalized Avaz for her son Tarun in many interesting ways. Each of us has a unique voice and vocabulary. With Avaz, you can make your child’s voice reflect their individuality! Any questions? Write to us on Happy Communicating!