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Avaz AAC

Powering Communication of Children and Adults with complex communication needs.

Avaz AAC app is robust and allows picture and text-based communication.

Empowers Users with Communication

Everyone wants to be heard and understood. Avaz AAC app gives a voice to people with communication deficits so that they can express their needs, wants, preferences, and opinions. Communication is everyone’s right and AAC(Augmentative and Alternative Communication) tools and strategies enable those with speech and language impairments connect to the world around them. 

Equips Users with Language

It is important that everyone has a say in what goes on in their surroundings. Language plays an important role in conveying your intent and communicating your ideas. Avaz AAC is a robust AAC app built based based on extensive research. It incorporates principles of communication pragmatics and allows the user to perform all communicative functions including regulation, social interaction, and shared attention.

Educates Parents and Caretakers

Avaz AAC comes with an in-built tutorial called the Avaz Dashboard. The tutorial gives you hands-on information on vital AAC strategies and how to employ them using the app. Since we understand that mastering the app can be intimidating for many, we have designed the tutorial so that it does the heavy lifting in the learning process of  parents and caretakers. There are ideas on how to apply key AAC fundamentals such as modelling. You can practice using easy- to-follow the instructions in the tutorial which takes you through each step and guides you in navigating the screen.

Encourages Development of Communication Skills

The communication needs of a user can vary over time. Avaz AAC app gives room for the user to grow and expand their vocabulary. Users can start communicating with images but can graduate to text-based communication as their skills develop. The app allows the user to  grow their language skills when they are ready for it.